MARGARETHA JANS WIERINGA (1831-1912) Margaretha marries three times. Her first husband is Edo Wilms Alma, direct descendant from  Pieter Jacobs Alma and Trijntje Arents. Margaretha herself descends from this couple as well (not directly). The second husband of Margaretha is Johannes ten Oever, a direct descendant from Otto Rempts and Hendrikje Jans. Her third husband is Lambertus Wilhelmus Leber. His ancesters come from Winterberg in Germany. More about this family and their connections to the families of Alma, Bot and Bottema on the next page. Her grandfather Cornelis Jans Wieringa is the only child of Jan Redmers and Trijntje Jans staying alive. He doesn’t choose the surname ‘Boelens’, but he chooses ‘Wieringa’ like the name of the stepfather of his wife (Pieter Reinders Wieringa). Maybe Cornelis choose the surname ‘Wieringa’ because his father died very young  (in 1776, Cornelis was only three years old) and he had much contact with Pieter Reinders Wieringa, who had a farm nearby (b). There is no direct connection with Egbert Ottes Wieringa , great-grandson of Otto Rempts and Hendrikje Jans. All this is illustrated in the diagram below.
Margaretha Jans Wieringa 1831-1912 Edo Wilms Alma Johannes ten Oever X 1852 XX1863 Lambertus Wilhelmus Leber XXX 1878 Jan Cornelis Wieringa Grietje Pieters Bos (2) Cornelis Jans Wieringa Margaretha Koenes Wakkerman Jan Willems Boelens Pietertje Pieters Pieter Jacobs van Allema Trijntje Arents Johannes Martinus Redmers Catharina Jans X 1711 X 1741 X 1766 X 1800 X 1828 B O S T E N O E V E R Willem Freerks Alma Catharina Edes Sijbenga Freerk Jacobs Alma Derkje Willems Jacob Pieters Grietje Eleonora Tjaards X 1755 X 1799 X 1828 Eisse Freerks ( Halsema ) Koene Derks Wakkerman Pieter Reinders Wieringa Petronella Jannes Olgers Otto Rempts Hendrikje Jans X < 1700 XX 1767 X 1758 XXX 1773 Arien Pontius Boersema Grietje Pieters Bos (1) X 1722
The colors red (my male line of descent) and black in the diagram above show the overlap with my own ahnentafel. In some places, there is a vertical dashed line, provided with an arrow on both sides. The dashed lines each represent a male line of descent: the person at the bottom of such a line is a linal descendant from the couple at the top of the dashed line.
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