THE SURNAMES 'BOS ' AND 'BOT '. In my pedigree you will find amongst others the names ‘BOS’ and ‘BOT’. In this part of the website more about the name 'BOS'. Just like it is the case with the surname 'Bot', relatives of one family sometimes choose different surnames. So, after a few generations, the family relationships become less clear. In this part of the website the descendants of Trijntje Jansen (AT519, she married twice) are the main persons of interest, together with the descendants of the couple Otto Rempts (AT304) and Hendrikje Jans (AT305). This concerns three separate genealogies: in two of them some descendants use the surname ‘Bos’ and the third geneology is my own. There are connections by marriage between the descendants (see the diagram below). TRIJNTJE JANSEN (AT519). Trijntje Jansen, marries Jacob Pieters Bos in 1661 and marries a second time with Ubbe Jelmers in 1667. It is no coincidence that we encounter Trijntje Jansen here. We encounter her four times in my pedigree (together with her husband Ubbe Jelmers) at the places AT518, AT524, AT538 and AT1128. The first three places even appear in the pedigree of Freerk Jacobs Alma (2X) and Derkje Willems (1X) who married each other in 1799. Some descendants of the first marriage of Trijntje will eventually call themselves ‘Bos’ and others ‘Langeland’ (children of her granddaughter Grietje Pieters Bos, see diagram below and page Arien Pontius) . Note: Pieter Jacobs Bos and his half sister Cornelliske Ubbes also appear in the schedule on the page concerning the brandy bowl. OTTO REMPTS (AT304) and HENDRIKJE JANS (AT305). So far me the most is known about Catharina Willems Bos ( AT19, daughter of Willem Jacobus Bos (AT38) and Petronella Reinjes Feddema (AT39)) . She married Heere Berends Bot (AT18) in 1832 and Bernardus Antonius Somers in 1894. My aunt (paternal) Anna Catharina Maria Bos (married John Conraad Alma in 1939) descends from a brother of Catherine Willems Bos. A part of the male descendants of this couple call themselves 'Bos', another part ‘ten Oever’, and sometimes 'Wieringa' (see diagram below).
The colors in this diagram show the relationship with my pedigree . People and relationships shown in red and black are part of my pedigree. The number preceded by the letters AT (=Ahnentafel) indicates their postion therein. The red parts are a part of my stem line. The green parts are outside my pedigree.  In some places in the diagram, you see a vertical dashed line, provided with an arrow on both sides. The dashed lines each represent a trunk line. The person at the bottom of such a line stems from son to son directly from the couple at the top of the trunk line.  The following pages (married sons of Otto and Arien and a separate page for Margaretha Jans Wieringa) give further details of the diagram above. Heere Berends Bot AT18 Willem Jacobs Bos AT38 Petronella Reinjes Feddema AT39 Jacob Pieters Bos Margaretha Willems Bos Regnerus Willems Bos B O S L A N G E L A N D Arien Pontius Boersema X 1813 X 1838 X 1832 X 1843 X 1722 X 1939 B O S Johannes Conrad Alma A L M A Wiena Maria ten Oever Jan Cornelis ten Oever T E N O E V E R Johanna EW Kamphuis X 1816 Johannes ten Oever Margaretha  J Wieringa XX 1863 Edo Willems Alma X 1852 Willem Freerks Alma Catharina Edes Sybenga Freerk  J. Alma AT32 Derkje Willems AT33 Anna Catharina Maria Bos B O S Gerardus Johannes Bos Franciska Catharina Bos B O S B O S X 1893 X 1799 X 1828 Jacob Pieters Bos Trijntje Jansen AT519 X 1661 Otto Rempts AT304 Hendrikje Jans AT305 X < 1700 Grietje Pieters Bos Pieter Jacobs Bos Wiske Jacobs Schultens X 1694 X 1667 Ubbe Jelmers AT518 A L M A Pieter Jacobs van Allema AT128 Trijntje Arents AT129 X 1711 Arent Heeres AT258 Cornellijske Ubbes AT259 X 1688 Site Map Site Map