Febr. 2012, overview Cornelis Flierl, page about Ghent, Minnesota Jan. 2013 website completely revised and expanded June 2013 brief history of Gelre and North Brabant update existing reports and new reports added September 2014 update of all reports and of the page ‘Alma from Bedum’ reports added about Maria Theresia Alma and Johannes Jodokus Suren September 2015 Along with the renewal of the design of the website, all detailed reports are recomposed. March 2016 New design and new reports April 2016 Two new pages about a Brandy bowl and about married sons. July 2017 The section of the website about ALMA is divided into two parts: origin and descendants. In the section on descendants, in addition to the familiar overview of the married sons, there is also an overview in which the married offspring in the male line are combined with the married offspring in fhe female line. The detailed reports will be changed later. Go to the part of the website concerning ALMA.