THE NAMES ‘BOS’ AND ‘BOT’. In my pedigree the names BOS and BOT come up. This part of the website tells about the family Bot. Catharina Hero Bot (AT9), daughter of Heere Berends Bot (1800-1848, AT18) and Catharina Willems Bos (1814-1882, AT19),  marries Februari 6th, 1860 in Uithuizermeeden with Jacobus Tjaarts Alma (AT8). Willem Bot (a brother of Catharina) marries on November 24th, 1859 Deborah (Berends) Schreuder, daughter of Berend Hindriks Schreuder (1805-1887) and Theresia Harms Dijkema (1806-1870). Willem en Deborah emigrate in 1886 to Ghent, Minnesota. They are well-to-do at that moment, but decide to leave to the US anyway, because they see more possibilities in the future for their 8 children.     Willem Bot (1836-1906) and Deborah (Berends) Schreuder (1839-1922). In this part of the website Willem Bot, his wife Deborah and his parents are at the centre. In another part of the site I tell more about two families called 'BOS'. BOT. First, I went looking for the ancestors of William Bot. The oldest ancestor that I have found is Hendrik Jans, who marries with Frouke Lamberts in Eppenhuizen on April 22, 1694. The offspring of this couple are numerous and occur under different names: Instead of BOT, the name BOTTEMA appears. Some choose LAMMERTS. Others choose the name STIEKEMA or STIJKEMA and In some cases the name TER SCHOUW. The name TER SCHOUW dies after two generations in these genealogy. The names BOT and Bottema are used interchangeably. The same applies to the names STIEKEMA and STIJKEMA , although this could be more a matter of spelling. In general, people with the same surname don’t have to be related. However, in this case is talk of kinship with people who do not have the same surname. This obviously opens new perspectives. On one of the next pages I show an overview of married sons of Hendrik Jans and Frouke Lamberts, so you can see where the different surnames appear. In other surveys of married sons, I have omitted the names of the men, because they are always the same. That is not the case here, as I have explained above.
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