HEERE BERENDS BOT and CATHARINA (or TRIENTJE) WILLEMS BOS William Bot is a son of Heere Berends Bot (1800-1848) and Catharina Willems Bos (1814-1882). After the death of Heere, Catharina marries again with Bernardus Anthonius Somers. This page is about Heere and Catherine. The next page is about Bernardus and Catherina. June 21, 1832 Wedding Contract between H.B. BOT and T.W. BOS. Before us, the undersigned Mr. Adriaan Jan van van Royen, public Att. in Onderdendam, connected to the city of Bedum, head office in Appingendam, Prov. Groningen. Present are here also the witnessis who will sign. Hero, Berends Bot, carpenter living in Warfhuizen, 31 year of age, son of Trientje Tonnis, innkeeper and living in Warfhuizen, and from her late husband Berend Lammerts Bot, handle himself, as coming of age, bridegroom on the one side, and Trientje Willems Bos, without occupation, living in Usquert, age 18 years, daughter of Petronella Reintjes Feddema (farmer), living in Usquert, with her mother, and of her late father, Willem Jacob Bos, giving consent for her daughter, under age, as bride. Both bride and bridegroom declare to be married within a couple of days, to specify the following: Article 1. They both declare to start a community of property of f. 2000.00. Everything what each partner brings in over f 1000.00, stays outside this community of property. Any other goods to be received by a legacy during their marriage will belong to the person who inherits it, and stay outside this community of property. Profits, losses and interest made within their marriage bond, will be received by both to be weared and enjoyed equally. Article 2. The future husband and wife declare hereby that what they received together by savings and goods, in case if one of the other died first, these goods and savings belong to the party staying behind with or without children. The heir(ess) has in this case the right to dispose of the goods outside the community of property, depending on the circumstances. Article 3. The bridegroom declared that he brings in f 3500.00, the bride declared to be satisfied with this. The bride declared that she brings in f 1000.00 from her fathers inheritance, according to the document made on June 13, 1831, before the County Att. registrated according to the law, wich is accepted by the bridegroom. Article 4. Body accessories (like clothing) are are excluded from these gifts (article 3).  The surviving partner will give these to the legal heirs within 6 weeks after the other partner passed away.   Acte is made up in the home of the bride's mother in Usquert on June 21 1832 in the present of Jacob Eltjes Werkman, police in Warffum and Syman Jacobs Weg, clerck of the township Onderdendam. Both are lawfull witnesses and after reading this, they all signed who are named in this document. Hero B. BOT Trientje W. BOS P.R. FEDDEMA J.E. WERKMAN S.J. WEG Mr. A.J.van ROYEN. County Att. Registrated in Onderdendam June 29 1832, page 169, folio 5 and 6 received f.6.62½ for stamps and seal for wedding contract. (b). Note 1: Catherine inherits f. 9254,60 of her mother Petronella Reinjes Feddema on February 19, 1872 (see also on that date). June 29, 1836 Heere buys on a public auction ‘a  farm house with barn, marked nr. 143, with a ‘vaste en altoos durende beklemming’ of about 36 ha. farm land  and corresponding salt marsh and accretion, where the buildings are located, doing annual midwinter a fixed rent of 280 guilders, standing and located in Uithuizermeeden. (b). Note 2: Explanation of the term ‘vaste en altijd durende beklemming’. ‘Beklemming’ is the use of the land of another person with the rights to have a house, barn and shade on this land. These are the property of the user. To use the land he pays an annual rent. In the case of inheritance, marriage or transfer of the ‘beklemming’ an extra sum of money is payd. This is called a ‘gift’. Since the 18th century, the ‘beklemming’ is usually ‘vast en altoos durend’ = ‘fixed and everlasting’, so immutable and irrevocable. ‘Beklemming’ only occurs in the Groningen province, so the term cannot be translated directly. Note 3: According to the death certificate of Heere, he deceased in this house. In the Catharina death certificate, only the place of death ‘Uithuizen’ is mentioned. May 2, 1845 Kornelis Coerts and his wife Johanna Jans Lammerts, borrow 250 guilders from Heere Berends Bot, with an intrest of 4.25%. (b). March 4, 1846 Heere buys 'vaste en altoos durende beklemming’  of a piece of land of ‘4 bunder, 52 roeden en 50 ellen’ (=about 11 acres), doing annual midwinter a fixed rent of 40 guilders, located in Uithuizermeeden' (b). Note 4: For the explanation of the term ‘vaste en altijd durende beklemming’ see Note 2. July 3, 1848.  Heere dies. That means that the guardianship must be regulated. September 7, 1848 Cornelis Coerts is appointed guardian over the minor children of Trientje (b). September 17, 1848 Trientje is appointed guardian of her minor children. This document also stipulates, that Trientje should put up a mortgage on the farm of f 1500, -, in order to safeguard any depreciation of the portion of the estate that the children will inherit later and of which Trientje still has the usufruct. (b). Trientje wants to get married again to Bernardus Antonius Somers. Before the marriage can take place, there must be an inventory and inventory valuation to divide the inheritance. The inventory is on July 5, 1849 (see on that date), but first the bailiff has to be appointed. June 6,1849 Registration of intention to appoint Enno Boeles Hefting, bailiff in Uithuizermeeden, expert to draw up an inventory and valuation of the assets of Trientje. (b). July 4, 1849 On July 4, 1849 came together before me, Mr. Buningh, County Att. for Onderdendam, resort under Appingendam, Prov. Groningen. Enno Boelens Hefting, Bailiff for the office in Appingendam, living in Uithuizermeeden, to let us know, that he was appointed as Bailif for the goods of Tryntje Willems Bos, farmer in Uithuizermeeden, and her late husband Hero Berends Bot. She requested of Hefting the Bailif, to give the oath, which he has to give, to do the best of his ability, according to the law to help her to make an inventory for her. So before me Mr. B. he repeated the words after us, with the words 'So help me God’. This, is written down by law, and by reading, Hefting the Bailif signed and was appointed. Signed. Anth. Beekeringh officer and clerck. J.C.Beelen, clerck Registrated July 13 1849 folio 64, received f.5.083 5 juli 1849   'Inventory of the goods of the late Heere Bot, and his wife Trientje W.Bos, from Uithuizermeeden. (No 10249 dd 5 July 1849)' Today on Thursday July 5 1849 a.m. in the farmhouse, this act no.143 is written on the request, and here present, Trientje Willems Bos, farmer in Uithuizermeeden, widow of H.B.Bot, for her as head of the householding, to make an inventory with profit and losses according to her wedding contract, and as guardian over her 6 children ander age, Berend 15 years, Willem 13 years, Rengenier 10 years, Tryntje 8 years, Johannes 6 years, Petronella 4 years, from her husband d.B.Bot.They are lawfull heireses of their father, H.B.Bot and theire mother T.W. Bos. This is made in the presence of Kornelis Coert, silversmith in Uithuizen, and also guardian over these 6 children, as appointed by the County Att. in the office in Onderdendam, Sept.7, 1848 and so registrated according to the law, this was shown to me Mr. County Att. So that T.W.Bos, in her request to keep the right of her wedding contract. Are we Mr.A.H.W. Buningh, County Att. in Uithuizen, office in Onderdendam, and in the presence of the undersigned, made an accurate inventory of all the goods, money, papers, stock-secureties, all declarations, debt from her husband and what each of them had before they were married. Also all that belonged to the inheritors of H.B.Bot. The statement of these goods for the inventory, is done by T.W.Bos, done to the best of her ability and was remembered that she was under oath, which she had given. The taxation of the goods will be done by Enno Boelens Hefting, bailif, from Uithuizermeeden, and here present, promissed to value the goods, according to the best of his ability, also as guardian and appraisor, appointed by T.W.Bos. On July 3 1848 H.B.Bot had passed away and now all the goods are appraised and put in writing in this inventory. The inventory consists of a long list of goods (hereinafter a summary), which together give a good impression of the (way of life on the) farm: Possessions : To be harvested from the field: f 3725.- approximately 43 hectares (= 106 acres) of pasture, clover, rye, barley, oats, beans, chickpeas, canola, winter cabbage and summer cabbage. Live stock  f 2313.- 10 cows, 12 calves and a bull, 11 horses, 4 pigs, 24 sheep, 14 of which dairy sheep, 10 lambs and 20 chickens Hous holding goods f   670.- Farmers tools f 1446.- (Including a churn with accessories of f 40,-). Linnen goods and body accessories of Heere Berends Bot f   140.- Silver works and cash f      6.- Titles and papers The marriage contract dated June 21, 1832 (see above). First copy and summery of the document of a public auction        and sale of a  farm house with barn, made by Mr. Fokko Synzes           Reiding, at that time County Att. at Appingedam,     dated June 29, 1836 (Volume 48, nr. 25).        The first copy is dated August 20, 1836. Deed of purchase of the ‘beklemming’ , dated March 4, 1836.       (see for explanation of ‘beklemming’ Note 1, June 29, 1836) Receivable from Kornelis Coerts in total f   610.- Posessions total f 8910.- Debts Various, in total f  1142.78 Assets minus debts total: f 7767.22 The properties in the ‘titles and papers’ are not valued in this inventory. The original purchase amounts are not listed. Just before the harvest, there is almost no cash in the house. There is no bank account or the like. Everything they own is invested in the farm. The farm seems to be entirely self-sufficient. From the inventory it is apparent, that there is still sufficient food for the animals and a new stock is on the land. The family has enough to eat. There is meat, milk, butter (they churn), rye, cabbage and beans. After harvesting, debts can be paid and any additional utensils can be purchased or investments can be made . 12 juli 1849 Today, July 12, 1849 are before me Mr. Buningh(County Attorny) of Onderdendam (arrondisement  Appingedam, province of Groningen) Tryntje Willems Bos, farmer, living in Uithuizen, as mother and guardian for Berend, 16 years, Willem, 13 years, Rengenius, 11 years, Tryntje, 8 years, Johannes, 6 years, Petronella, 4 years. Children by her husband Hero Berends Bot who died on July 3, 1848.   Since she is planning to remarry to Bernardus Antonius Somers, without occupation, living in Uithuizen, prov. Groningen, she request to be the guardian over her children, Berend, Willem, Rengenier, Tryntje, Johannes and Petronella, if she will marry B.A.Somers. Here are also relatives present of the children of T.W. Bos, to be heard. From fathers side as wittnesses: 1. Jan Coerts, silversmith from Den Hoorn, 2nd. cousin. 2. Lambertus Lamberts, wholesaler from Uithuizen, 2nd.cousin.      From mothers side as wittnesses: 3. Johannes Willems Bot, from Usquert (uncle). 4. Jan Willems Boelens, from Usquert (uncle by marriage) There was also another guardian of the children (under age), his name is Kornelis Koerts, silversmith, from Uithuizen. Since the reason they were invited here is known to them, they were invited to give their opinion about Tryntje Willems Bos staying the guardian of her children after marrying Bernardus Anthonius Somers. They all agreed that the mother will stay the guardian over her children. After reading of this declaration they all signed this document. TW. Bos, J. Coerts, L.J.Lammerts, J.W.Bos, J.W.Boelens, K.Coerts. Anth. Beckeringh (judge) J.C.Beeler (clerck) Below is an overview of those present at the confirmation of the guardianship and their family relationships. Paternal responsibilities lie with Jan Coerts, his son and his son in law. On his mother's side Johan Willems Bos and Jan Willems Boelens have the say. In my opinion the latter two are not uncle and uncle by marriage (as stated in the document), but brother and brother in law respectively . By clicking on the picture below these persons and the nature of their relationship are accentuated in red. These same people are also at Mr. Beckering to settle another matter. Juli 12, 1849 On September 17, 1848 (see that date), Trientje had to put up a mortgage on the farm of f 1500, -, in order to safeguard any depreciation of the portion of the estate that the children will inherit later and of which Trientje still has the usufruct. Before me Mr.Anth. Beckeringh, lawyer, at the office in Onderdendam, head office in Appingedam, Prov.Groningen, are Cornelius Coerts, silversmith in Uithuizen, to let us know that he was appointed as guardian for the children (under age) of Tryntje W.Bos, and her late husband Hero B. Bot, who had passed away on July 3, 1841. That at that time of his appointment as guardian, also, was written in the act, that Tryntje W.BOs had to put up a mortgage of f.1500.00 for her children. This was lawfully registrated on September 17, 1848, and that one inventory is made, of late Hero B. Bot, that the sum of f 1500.00 the mother had to put up, was not enough at that time, but it had to be a sum of f.4700.00, according to the inventory, see act of September 17, 1848. Now K. Coerts asked me to make the correction. So the act will read f 4700.00 instead of f 1500.00. The mother, T.W. Bos, agreed with this correction. For Fathers side are here to sign, 1. Lambertus Lammers, wholesaler from Uithuizen, 2 nd.cousin to H.B. Bot 2. Jan Coerts, silversmith from Den Hoorn, also a 2 nd.cousin to H.B.B.         For mothers side are here, 3. Joannes Willems Bos from Usquert, uncle 4. Jan Willems Boelens, from Usquert, uncle by marriage The relatives are here to let me know what the sum had to be. Their mother T.W. Bos is duty bond, and they together made it clear, that this was made up in the inventory of July 5 1849, by Mr. A.H.W. Buningh, County Att. and witinessed and registrated. The sum is now definite f 4700.00. So the mother put this amount in mortgage, and so it is, if there was never written down the sum of f.1500.00. Now this act is read and signed by, K.Coerts, L.J.Lammerts, T.W.Bos, d.W.BOS, J.W.Boelens, and J.Coerts Anth. Berkeringh,lawyer and J.C.Beelen, clerk. Total cost f.7.85 Note 5: In my opinion Joannes Willems Bos from Usquert and Jan Willems Boelens from Usquert are not uncle and uncle by marriage (as stated in the document), but brother and brother in law respectively . The mortgage is changed a few days later in the presence of Catharina W. Bos and Cornelis Coerts:   18 juli 1849 Guardian Mortgage by T.W.Bos, widow of H.B. Bot for her children under age. Before us, Mr. Abel Hendrik Werumeus Buning, county Att. office in Onderdendam, Courthouse Appingendam, Prov.Groningen, appeared in the present of the under signed witnesses Trientje Willems Bos (farmer in Uithuizermeeden), widow of Hero Berends Bot, as mother and guardian over her 6 children, under age, Berend (timberman in Bedum), Willem (merchant in Uithuizen), Rengenier (deceased), Tryntje (married to Jacobus Tjaarts Alma, brewer in Uithuizen), Johannes (farmer in Uithuizen) and Petronella (married to Hendrik , landbouwer te Kloosterburen). Tryntje W. Bos declared to the satisfaction of the County Att. in Onderdendam, to the rules according to the law on July 12, 1849 whereof the excerpt and the registration shown to us, that for her children, to put a special mortgage, a sum of f 4700.00, so that the hereafter named guardian over the children, received the knowledge of what was done for her children (under age). See House of Record (Courthouse Appingendam) of her right of the farm and goods (see number 143), and also to pay rent of the 51 ha (= about 126 acres) plus the small parcels, of f 280.00. See the records and documents, B 615, 616 and 453, 493, 494, 498, 545, 548, 549, 550, 551, 552, 553, 554, 556, 557, 558, 560. Section E numbers 15-28, 31, 32. Section C 657, 777, 778. Also present is Cornelius Coerts, gold and silversmith in Uithuizen, guardian over the children, appointed as such by County Att. September 7, 1848 and as such registrated according to the law. All persons whose names appeared in this. document are known to me, Mr. Buning. Done at the home of T.W.Bos, present are Age Simkes van Dyk, bussiness manager in Uithuizen, and Enno Boelens Hefting, Bailiff, living in Uithuizermeeden, who after reading of this document have signed. T.W.Bos K.Coerts E.B.Hefting A.S.van Dyk Mr.A.H..Buningh Note 6: I could not find the exact break down of the raise of the mortgage from f. 1500.- to f. 4700.-. This mortgage is not spoken of in the inheritence of Heere Berends Bot (next page). Note 7: So this is still the same house as bought June 29, 1836 by Heere Berends Bot. On the next page you can see that the On the next page you can read about the second marriage of Catherine Willems Bos with Bernardus Antonius Somers.
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